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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Make Money Online - Part Time Online Jobs

Hi ,

I have something interesting for you, RupeeMail!

It’s really amazing! You get paid to open & read the contents of RupeeMail. You receive promotional offers & special discounts in RupeeMail.

Interestingly RupeeMails will reach you based on the preference list you opted for.

Create your RupeeMail Account & refer your friends to earn launch referral bonus on every new registration.

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RupeeMail, It pays

1 comment:

  1. I have earned from RupeeMail and also from YouMint. It took me one year to earn from RupeeMail a measly sum of Rs 201 which I am not impressed. RupeeMail is certainly not an amazing earning opportunity as they claim. I earned from YouMint twice and it also took me 3-4 months. Actually I am fed with such free earning opportunities.

    Look for example: RupeeMail pays Rs2 per referral. Forget earning through emails that they send – usually 50 paise or worse 25 paise. Now you need 100 referrals to earn Rs 200 which is their minimum payout by check without deductions. Getting 100 referrals in one month is impossible.

    I am not sure the exact referral commission at YouMint but this much I know that it less than a rupee. YouMint’s Shine Offer can earn you Rs 6 per direct referral and Rs 3 per indirect referral. Now, let’s say, you have 100 referrals at YouMint and they all complete their Shine Offer. You will earn Rs 600 which is also impossible in one month.

    Now let’s combine both. Let’s say that you have 100 referrals who joined both RupeeMail and YouMint together. So your total earnings will be Rs 200 + Rs 600 = Rs 800. But you won’t earn that in one month would you?

    So, it is really a waste of time promoting your affiliate or referral links. I have given up promoting these sites because I have found another site which pays $1 per referral and in order to earn $1, your referrals must signup with this Free Search Engine first and complete the first step. You must also complete at least the first step too. There are three steps but that I will tell you about the last two steps later.

    Now, their minimum payout is $200; meaning you must have 200 referrals in order to earn $200. That is a big task but take a look between this search Engine Referral Program and RupeeMail-YouMint combined. You will find that it is still worth it.

    There are some or many people who are promoting and earning Rs 5 per referral and I used to be one of them. Their minimum payout is Rs 2000 and in order to earn that amount, you must refer 400 people and some foolish people (including me, but not anymore) are doing it. After eight months, I have around Rs 705 in my account and it is really not worth referring others. I am spending more on my internet and electric bills.

    So, getting 200 referrals is still worth it since you would be paid $200. But let me also tell you that there is another way of getting those $200 fast. You see, when you complete the three steps, you get $125 guaranteed commission in your search engine account. Then you will need only 75 referrals who complete their first step so that you can earn $200. Payment is made via PayPal twice a month.

    Any investment while completing the three steps? Yes, you must buy a domain name from GDI in the second step. It will cost you $10/mo and I am going to refund your 1st domain fee if you signup under me after 30 days. I will also give you 20 Indian leads free of cost.

    Not only this, when your referrals complete Step1, you will earn $5 if they maintain it for 30 days. When they complete Step 3, you will earn $10 and when your referrals complete Step3, you will earn $15. So you can earn a total of $30 per referral from this Search Engine Referral Program.

    But if you are happy with the first step, fine, you don’t have to complete the remaining two steps.

    Now, when your referrals complete Step 1 only and don’t complete Step2 and Step3, you won’t earn $5 as mentioned in Step1. Instead you will earn $1 and the remaining $4 will be in pending.

    The search engine I am talking about is Acme People Search Engine started by Tissa Godavitarne, an internet Guru. You can signup under me at my website if you want your first domain refund and 20 Indian Leads.