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Monday, April 27, 2009

Swing Interview Questions and Answers

Define AWT?

AWT stands for Abstract Window Toolkit. AWT enables programmers to develop Java applications with GUI components, such as windows, and buttons.

Define JFC?

JFC stands for Java Foundation Classes. The Java Foundation Classes (JFC) are a set of Java class libraries created as part of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) to support building graphics user interface (GUI) and graphics functionality for client applications.

Differentiate between Swing and AWT?

AWT is heavy-weight components, but Swing is light-weight components.

AWT is OS dependent because it uses native components, But Swing components are OS independent.

We can change the look and feel in Swing which is not possible in AWT.

Swing takes less memory compared to AWT.

For drawing AWT uses screen rendering where Swing uses double buffering.

Define heavyweight components ?

A heavyweight component is that is associated with its own native screen resource.

Define lightweight component?

A lightweight component is that who "borrows" the screen resource of an ancestor.

Define double buffering ?

Double buffering is the process of use of two buffers rather than one to temporarily hold data being moved to and from an I/O device.

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